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Smile – It’s a New Month!

A new month is always an optimistic time for me – thinking I may actually finish my monthly to-do list of 130+ work-related tasks, or make those diet and exercise changes I’ve been meaning to do, or keep up with all the housework, or managing all the other tasks of daily necessity that seem to inevitably pile up. August, especially, is optimistic as it means back-to-school, and back to a normal routine most days, which helps make life just a bit easier. Of course, birds are always a part of making life easier and more enjoyable, and a new month is a new chance to keep those feeders full, enjoy the yard birds, or visit a new local sanctuary or hotspot. In August, especially, this is a real highlight, as fall migration starts to get noticeably underway and more northern birds reappear in Florida along their journeys.

Owl Was That TodayNo matter what your month to come may look like, remember, you can manage it! With a little time in there for the birds – no matter what birds you enjoy most – a new month is a fresh start and an opportunity to spread your wings and take flight in all the ways that matter. Happy August, and happy birding!

You Can Do It!

You Can Do It! – Image by Vic

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