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Bird-Friendly Gifts for Easter

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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs – Photo by furtwangl

As Easter approaches, stores are filled with images of fluffy chicks and ducklings as symbols of spring and the renewal of the season. But Easter chicks and ducklings make horrible gifts, and many end up mistreated or abandoned once their fluffy, “cute” stage has passed. Instead of treating baby birds as disposable gifts or making them inappropriate pets, there are many bird-friendly alternatives for Easter gifts that birders and non-birders alike will love. Try these favorites to celebrate this year!

  • Plush Peeps
    Marshmallow Peeps are synonymous with Easter, but have you seen the adorable plush version of these colorful chicks? I can’t stand marshmallows and don’t like the taste of Peeps, but I’m thrilled to have these cuties join my Easter celebration every year.
  • 50 State Birds and Flower Coloring Book
    Coloring can be fun and relaxing for all ages, and this coloring book of state birds and flowers has beautiful birds and blossoms that evoke the loveliness of spring in a range of beautiful shades. Includes perforated cards and plenty of coloring tips.
  • Bird’s Nest Necklace
    Accessorize with a touch of spring with this bird’s nest necklace. The turquoise eggs give a hint of beautiful Easter eggs, and the lariat-style design allows the length to be adjusted for different preferences. I love the branch and leaf accent as well.
  • Garden Birds Puzzle
    A puzzle can be fun for all ages, and the whole family can join in with this garden birds puzzle in a spring setting. The birds are familiar favorites, and the robin’s nest and lilac sprigs add and extra spring flair to the colorful design.
  • Seedles
    Bring spring flowers to your yard with the gift of Seedles, colorful seed balls with native wildflower mixes specially chosen for different areas of the country. Seeds are non-GMO and pesticide and herbicide free to be bee-friendly as well as bird-friendly.
  • Build a Bird Feeder Kit
    Offer spring treats to wild birds when you build a bird feeder from this easy kit. Kit includes all pre-cut, pre-drilled wood pieces and hardware for a simple hopper-style feeder, and paints are included to decorate the feeder.
  • Cadbury Easter Mini Eggs
    No Easter basket is complete without some sort of candy, and Cadbury Mini Eggs are delicious, creamy milk chocolate in a candy shell. The colors are soft pastels with flecking that resembles real wild bird eggs, perfect for the nesting season!
  • Wind-Up Jumping Chicken
    If you just can’t resist the yellow ball of fluff that is a baby chick, try these fun jumping chick toys instead of a real baby bird. Great for kid and kids-at-heart, these adorable chicks are sure to bring plenty of smiles for Easter.

No matter who you would like to buy Easter gifts for, or if you’re looking for something special to celebrate the season yourself, there are plenty of bird-friendly options you’ll love all spring long!

Plush Peeps

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