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A Very Lucky Wednesday Smile

Griffon Vulture

Griffon Vulture – Photo by Bjorn Lundquist

It’s a lucky time of year – St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here, with its green and lucky glory, spring is coming with all the luck and beauty of the season, and best of all for birders, migration is underway and making us lucky with each new sighting of our spring favorites. Yet in the middle of another work week, we might not feel lucky sitting behind a desk, in front of a screen or far from windows at whatever work we do, whether it is in an office, school or just all the work at home that never seems completely finished. But we can always think of birds and hopefully find another way to feel lucky and smile, even when it may seem like the vultures are circling.St. Patrick's Day VulturesEven if you’re feeling down, or overworked, or just out of it this week, let the birds make you smile and remember how lucky you truly are – today and everyday!

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