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A Delicious, Nutritious Wednesday Smile!

Spring is a wonderful time to eat better, when fresh fruits are ripening again and one’s diet can be filled with natural sweetness. To many birds, however, a fresh fruit diet is not just a springtime thing, but a year-round menu of deliciousness. When you’re named after a fruit, however, eating fruit seems to take on a bit of a different meaning…

Kiwis Eating KiwisKiwis aren’t the only birds that eat fruit (though they are more partial to insects and don’t eat much fruit) – many different birds are frugivorous and enjoy all manner of sweet fruits. You can offer fruits such as apple chunks, bananas, grape halves, orange halves, raisins, berries and more at feeders, and you will be amazed at which birds enjoy the treat. And enjoy some fresh fruit yourself – berries with a sprinkling of sugar, a juicy peeled orange, even a tasty fruit salad (mine is a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, banana slices, clementine oranges and kiwi, no dressing or other additives needed!). Spring is very much on the way – enjoy the tastes!

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit – Photo by Daoud Alahmad

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