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A Battle of a Wednesday Smile

Do you ever feel like every day is a struggle and you’re battling to get through the work week? This week’s Wednesday Smile can help you remember that sometimes you just need to hold on for a little bit to change the outcome!

Whether it’s a long chore list, an impossible work project, unproductive meetings, mounting bills, lingering illness or any other of life’s challenges, sometimes you have to take it just one battle at a time. Grab hold of the obstacle, clench it tight and before you know it you’ll have overcome at least one small thing. Granted, there will always be another one right behind you (including that “best friend” stealing your snacks), but if you’ve accomplished one good thing, it’s a good day, and you’re one step closer to the weekend!

Too bad we don’t all have eagle talons; we might be able to grab on to a lot more – but we can only do what we can do, and the week, no matter how hard it may be, will pass! Happy birding!

Eagle Talons

Eagle Talons – Photo by U.S. Air Force / Justin Connaher

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