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A Sweetheart of a Wednesday Smile!

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this day of romance, it’s important to remember not only that one special valentine or significant other, but also all our friends, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else who brings a bit of love into our life. And that includes our feathered friends, who bring us joy, laughter and pleasure every day. Be sure to refill your feeders, rinse out the birdbath and do other tasks today to show your love to the birds, and share your feathered love with everyone special with these fun bird-themed messages!

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts – Photo by Paul Cross

  • You’re the cootest!
  • I love you with no rEgrets!
  • Whoo Cooks 4U?
  • I pLOVEr You!
  • Coot-y Pie
  • Be My Gull-Friend
  • Be My Lifer
  • Tern Me On
  • Willet You Be Mine?
  • Loony For You
  • You sTeal my Heart!
  • You’re my Silly Goose!
  • Be My Chick-a-dee-dee-dee
  • Owl Always Love You!
  • Why Knot?
  • Life Would be Ruff Without You!
  • Stark Raven Mad About You!
  • You’re the Kinglet of my Castle

Do you have more fun bird-themed friendship or romantic messages? Leave a comment to share your feathered Valentine’s Day creativity!

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