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Top 5 Feeders for Bird Feeding Month!

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February is National Bird Feeding Month in the United States, but of course, we all know feeding birds isn’t restricted to just one month. Yet feeding birds is even more critical in February, when natural food sources leftover from autumn’s bounty are exhausted and new spring foods aren’t yet available. There’s no better time to add an extra feeder to your backyard buffet to be sure you have the room to feed every bird that visits, and these top five feeders are ideal to cover all your bird feeding needs, all year long!

Mixed Birdseed

Mixed Birdseed – Photo by Mr ATM

  • Adjustable Platform Wild Bird Feeder
    This feeder is small but mighty, with a built-in baffle and wire grate to deter squirrels without denying birds a delicious meal. With a half-pound capacity (depending on seed type), this is a good all-purpose feeder for sunflower, safflower or mixed seeds and can accommodate flocks of hungry birds, both large and small.
  • Fly-Through Wild Bird Feeder
    This all-mesh feeder offers a large amount of surface area to feed a flock, and the mesh is ideally sized for sunflower or safflower seeds. The attractive geometric shape will suit any garden, and the fly-thru design gives both clinging and perching birds space for feeding. Furthermore, the all metal construction will minimize squirrel damage.
  • Garden Sip & Seed Feeder
    This coordinating two-feeder set is multi-functional, and can serve as two feeders, two waterers, or one of each as desired. The elegant curved hanger is an attractive garden ornament, and because the two feeders are separate, it’s easy to offer different types of seed to attract a wider range of birds to the feeding station.
  • Single Suet Feeder Cage
    Suet is an ideal winter food for birds, providing excellent energy and calories for cold winter days and nights. This classic cage has a pair of clips for firm closure, and a hanging chain to be sure it stays where it is positioned. The coated wire won’t rust, and the feeder can also be used for whole peanuts, orange halves and other foods.
  • Pinch Waist Hummingbird Feeder
    When hummingbirds visit, you’d better be prepared with plenty of nectar for their thirsty appetites, and this classic pinch waist feeder is perfect. The large capacity is suitable for a whole flock, and the built-in bee guards keep less desirable drinkers from indulging. The attached perches also give feeding birds a place to rest, but can easily be removed if preferred.

No matter what type of birds you have visiting your yard, one (or more!) of these feeders is sure to offer a great dining option. Won’t you consider celebrating National Bird Feeding Month by adding a new feeder to your yard?

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