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5 Heated Bird Baths for Winter Water

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Don’t you just love a hot cup of coffee or cocoa on a cold winter’s day? But imagine if you had to melt snow or ice in your mouth in order to warm it up enough to drink – it might stave off your thirst, but it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. Without fresh, liquid water, birds have to do just that, expending precious calories and lowering their body temperatures along the way.

Fortunately, it’s easy to provide water for birds with a heated bird bath. Whether you have freezing nights for months at a time, only have a couple of weeks of icy weather or just need an emergency water source for rare cold snaps, one of these heated bird baths is sure to be a hot item in your yard on cold days!

  • Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath
    This popular model includes not only a heated basin, but an attractive wooden stand to elevate the basin to a classic pedestal, ideal for areas with deep snow. Because the basin can be swapped out, this makes the bath useful all year-round, no matter what the weather, and the stand will match your summer yard as well.
  • Songbird Essentials Songbird Spa
    This versatile heated basin is easy to mount to a wooden deck railing, allowing you to place it on a fence or deck wherever you’d like (you could also make your own post!). It works even in the bitterest cold, keeping the entire basin ice-free for birds to enjoy.
  • All Seasons Decorative Gray Stone Scalloped Heated Birdbath
    This elegant bath has a scalloped edge to add textural style to the winter landscape. Unlike other heated baths with very short cords, this model just has a plug so you can use whatever size cord you need without extra connectors. The basin has a secure mount for railings or you can get a coordinating pedestal for a complete look.
  • Allied Precision Bird Bath De Icer
    If you already have a bird bath and only have chilly temperatures for a few weeks, this de icer can be added to your existing bath to keep the water liquid. The large surface area makes the heater safe for plastic basins, and the 10-foot cord makes it easier to use without extra extension cords, depending on your bird bath placement.
  • Heated Pet Bowl
    If you don’t have a heated bath and only need one on rare occasions, this large capacity, heated pet bowl can serve in a pinch. The technology is the same as with larger, broader baths, but because this bowl is smaller, it’s more affordable for those rare times you may need it. It will work in sub-zero temperatures, perfect for the wickedest of cold snaps.

While no heated bath will warm water up to coffee or cocoa temperatures, each of these options will keep the water liquid and ice-free for birds to drink. You’ll be amazed at how many birds take advantage of the resource on those cold days, and even when all natural water may be locked in ice and snow, you’ll have birds gathering for an easy drink!


Icicles – Photo by Brett Raeburn / Shenandoah National Park

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