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Tropical Giggles!

The middle of the work week can always be a drag, with crowded schedules and too much to do (you ought to see my work list!). At this time of year, when you might be dreaming of a tropical getaway (did you miss the Bird of the Week?), these flamingo jokes can help you smile your way through another Wednesday!

American Flamingos

American Flamingos – Photo by Ky0n Cheng

Q: What did the flamingo say when he was ready to date?
A: I’m single and ready to flamingle!

Q: What did the mother flamingo do when her chick misbehaved?
A: She put her foot down!

Q: Why does a flamingo lift up one leg?
A: If it lifted up both legs it would fall over!

Q: What do you get if you kiss a flamingo?
A: A peck on the cheek!

Q: Why did the turkey wear stilts?
A: No one cooks flamingos for Thanksgiving!

Q: How did the flamingo win the hockey game?
A: He scored a flamingoal!

Q: What do you call a flamingo from Pennsylvania?
A: A Philly-mingo!

Have a great week, and smile, because, well, flamingos!

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