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Your Gift – A Wednesday Smile!

No matter what you may celebrate at this time of year, whether you are anxiously passing the last few days until Christmas morning, wrapping up Hanukkah festivities, embracing the winter solstice or eagerly anticipating Kwanzaa, it is a season of gift-giving. The gifts may be material goods you’ve scoured stores for, such as fun toys, new gadgets or other thoughtful trinkets. They might be lovingly-crafted homemade items, such as rich fudge, a warm crocheted afghan or a personalized bird house. The gifts you give might even be something that doesn’t need to be seen to be enjoyed and appreciated, such as long-overdue forgiveness, individual peace or simple acceptance.

Whatever gifts the holiday season has in store for you, I hope they make you smile just as much as this parrot bearing presents!

Birds are a gift to all of us, and I hope you continue to enjoy their gifts and the beauty they bring to our lives throughout the holiday season. Best wishes to you all!

Don’t forget gifts for your birds this holiday season – check out the wild birds’ wish list!

Colorful Gifts

Colorful Gifts – Photo by JD Hancock

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