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Gifts Your Backyard Birds Are Begging For

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts – Photo by Garry Knight

With Christmas just two weeks away, this is a crazy time of shopping, decorating, baking, and all those innumerable tasks that lead up to the holiday. While you’re making that extra foray to the mall, dropping by a favorite boutique or heading to a big box store for those gifts you forgot, don’t forget your backyard birds! They may not write to Santa, create online registries or drop hints about what they’d like, but there are certain items that are absolutely on your backyard birds’ wish lists.

  • Squirrel Baffle
    Help your backyard birds enjoy holiday treats without interference with a squirrel baffle that will keep those pesky furry visitors away safely. You don’t need to get fancy, and this simple baffle mounts to feeder poles (coupler included for easy mounting), and is steep enough to repel invasions from even the most energetic squirrels.
  • Heated Bird Bath
    As temperatures drop, water sources freeze – including bird baths. A heated bath is essential, and you’ll be amazed at how many birds take advantage of a birdy spa. This heated bird bath works beautifully and comes with hardware to be mounted to a post or deck railing as well as legs for freestanding use.
  • Sunflower Hearts
    Birds need nutritious energy to survive winter’s cold and storms, and sunflower hearts are the ideal food for a wide variety of visitors. Shelled seeds won’t leave a nasty buildup under your feeders that you will have to clean up in the spring, and this 50-pound bag is a great price for plentiful bird feeding, delivered right to your door.
  • Roost Box
    Many small birds – bluebirds, chickadees, wrens, titmice, downy woodpeckers and others – snuggle together on cold nights to share body heat. A roost box helps keep them protected and safe, with thicker walls to prevent heat loss and a low entrance to keep heat inside the structure for extra coziness and safety.
  • Mrs. Snowman Bird Feeder
    Give your birds holiday treats with a festive new feeder. This Mrs. Snowman bird feeder has all metal construction and is suitable for sunflower seeds or peanut hearts, both high-energy choices for feeding winter birds. The generous capacity will feed a hungry flock, and they can perch all over the feeder for easy seed access.

And the best part of these gifts? They don’t need wrapping, birds won’t mind if they don’t arrive exactly on December 25 and birds can enjoy them long after the holiday season has passed. So be sure your birds are on your shopping list this holiday season!

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