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A Month of Wednesday Smiles – Turkey-Style!

Many birders have turkeys on the brain at this time of year – though not necessarily for birding purposes. In the United States, the turkey is a key element of Thanksgiving dinner for many, and many hunters are eagerly anticipating turkey hunts at different times during the fall and winter (hunting seasons vary in different areas). And even if you want to go by strictly birding – wild turkeys are banding together in their fall and winter flocks and foraging more in the open, making them more noticeable to many birders in the appropriate habitats. I myself am fortunate to see a flock regularly just a few miles from my home.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey – Photo by California Department of Fish and Wildlife

This month, to celebrate and enjoy turkeys in different ways, I’m dedicating each of our Wednesday Smiles (up to Thanksgiving) to these great gobblers. Our first bit of fun – be sure you have your speakers on for the full effect – is also a warning to be careful around these big birds and their big appetites!

I actually find a lot funny about this video. First, there is the lighthearted music that contrasts with the actual action and commentary. Then, there is the idea that the visitor is feeding turkeys bread – while I don’t recommend feeding any birds bread (it’s junk food for them, with very little nutritional value), it is humorously ironic that when they’re made ready for the dining table, we do stuff turkeys with bread.

Have you had a funny turkey moment? Share in the comments and enjoy the smiles to get you through the week!

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