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A Just Fine Wednesday Smile!

These mid-week doldrums can be hard to overcome, and every week we tell ourselves we’re just fine with a lot of work, frustration or hassle. But sometimes “just fine” means anything but, whether we show it by hefty sighs, slamming doors, gritting our teeth or other signs of displeasure, like our funny bird this week. (Have your sound on to get the full effect!)


We all know birds have personalities and emotions, and I myself have seen birds be upset by little things – usually because I don’t have enough peanuts out to satisfy the jays or the woodpeckers, or the bird bath isn’t full enough for the robin’s pleasure. I’ve been cussed out, flapped at and given baleful stares, but I’ve never yet been stomped at by a bird. What signs of aggravation have your birds shown you?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and smile, because you can!

Smiling Parrot

Smiling Parrot – Photo by VirtualWolf

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