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Whooo Wants a Wednesday Smile?

What with falling leaves, spooky trees and Halloween, October is always associated with owls, and what better inspiration for our Wednesday Smile than these amazing birds? So, whooo’s ready to laugh? Let’s enjoy some owl-inspired jokes to get us through this mid-week slump!

Smiling Owl

Smiling Owl – Photo by merec0

Q: What kind of math do owls like?
A: Owlgebra.

Q: What are owls’ favorite books?
A: Hoot-dunits!

Q: Why did the owl say, “Tweet, tweet”?
A: Because she didn’t give a hoot.

Q: What do you call a magical owl?
A: Whooo-dini!

Q: What do you call an owl caught in the act?
A: Spotted!

Q: What do you call an owl dressed in armor?
A: A knight owl!

Q: What does a well-educated owl say?
A: Whom.

Q: What is an owl’s favorite treat?
A: Mice cream!

Q: How long does an owl go trick-or-treating on Halloween?
A: Owl night long!

I hope these jokes made you smile just a bit (or groan as the case may be). Stay tuned each week for more bird-inspired happiness, grins and giggles, no matter what the season or holiday!

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