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Introducing the Wednesday Smile!

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Sometimes weeks are just too long, but a smile can help you make it through those long and tedious days when you’d rather be out birding (or doing just about anything else). Even if you love your work – and I’m fortunate to enjoy mine – there are always tasks you’d rather avoid, issues you don’t want to confront and motivation that just seems missing. So take a break with the new Wednesday Smile!


Smile – Photo by Rupert Taylor-Price

Every week I’ll bring you a new video, comic, joke or similar bird-related bit of humor to give you what I hope will at least be a smile, and hopefully a giggle, chortle, snicker, laugh or even a guffaw. And without further adieu, this week’s Smile…

This short clip always makes me grin, and we may as well all admit it – “potty” jokes are sometimes funny (though I’m not generally a fan of bodily humor). I don’t know what’s best about this one, how the perpetrator flees quickly after doing the deed, or the look of surprise and then disgust from the victim of said deed (make sure you watch all the way to the end for that evil eye!).

Admittedly, this type of bathroom humor is much on my mind of late, as a weird conglomeration of circumstances has brought it into my life. I’ve recently written an article “Tracking Your Dog’s Health Through Poop” for a good client of mine, and I also picked up the book Toilets of the World from the library during my volunteer shift last week (I volunteer at the local public library each week – the book is a fascinating look at the history of toilets and how they vary in different cultures). I don’t pretend to understand what coincidence brought the two together in my life during the same week, but here we are with a poop video to go along with it… But I hope it makes you smile all the same!

Stay tuned every Wednesday for a new reason to smile!

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