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Hurricane Happenings

Life always seems to get in the way of great plans, doesn’t it? For the month of September, I’d planned to introduce a number of great features in addition to our weekly featured birds, including…

  • Birder’s Bookshelf reading and field guide recommendations and reviews
  • Friday Feathered Fun videos, jokes and other bird-related laughs
  • Birding hotspot reviews from around the world and favorite locales
  • More personal updates on my own birding adventures and misadventures

Now, however, we’re staring down the cone of Hurricane Irma, and other activities need to take priority. Yes, I do live in Florida – east of Orlando and about 20 miles from the coast, as the bird flies (crows or otherwise). We are focusing on different hurricane preparations at home and for work, taking all the precautions we can at this time, though the storm is still far enough away that it is difficult to be certain of what needs doing and what effects we can expect. I’m certain you can understand the need to put this blog on a bit of a pause as we wait out the storm and recover from whatever impact it has on our community.

Hurricane Frances 2004

Stay safe!

In the meantime, if you are in the path of this storm, I urge you to take whatever precautions you can and make whatever preparations you feel are necessary for you and yours. And don’t forget to safeguard your bird feeders, houses and baths as well, moving them to a secure, sheltered area so they don’t become inadvertent missiles. We may not have wings to fly out of the projected path, but we can care for one another all the same. Don’t worry about the birds – they’ll take care of themselves, and once the clouds clear, the winds settle and the rain stops, they’ll be there for us to enjoy once again!

Stay safe, and happy birding…

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